As the Father sent me, even so I am sending you. – Jesus

John 20:21

If you are in Christ you are a missionary. The moment you relinquished your life and gave your allegiance to Jesus you became an agent of the gospel. What a privilege to be invited by God into the ongoing mission of God.

If you are like me you get really excited about the possibility of being part of changing the world for Christ, but it only takes a few minutes to get pretty overwhelmed by this reality. What do I do? How do I do it? What if I can’t? What if I don’t? It quickly goes from being an thrilling opportunity to a threatening obstacle.

What if it wasn’t really that hard? What if we were over thinking it? What if mission was far more about relying upon the Holy Spirit for the miraculous stuff and me being more intentional with the seemingly menial stuff? Most of us spend a lot of unproductive time fretting over our inability to write the “big check for God” that we miss accomplishing amazing kingdom size things through the faithful writing lots of a lot of little checks.

Let’s look at some often overlooked areas of our lives that with a little more intentionality on our part could be redeemed by Christ to accomplish great things for his kingdom.

Being on Mission with your Schedule

No one has a lot of free time anymore. Our schedules are packed. The demands of family, friends, work and life seem endless. But lets be honest, there are still the same hours in a day that there have always been and that hasn’t changed sense God put the sun in the sky and called it “day”. Granted our culture has figured out how to be so efficient we can now fit several days worth of stuff into that same period, but its not really made us anymore productive. If anything its made us unproductive and unhappy to boot.

What if we slowed down? What if we learned to say no to some things. What if God could so satisfy our hearts with himself that we might not even want some of the same things we spend so much time trying to get? What if we took some intentional time to prayer, to sit with other Christians to share and compare our schedules and see if there where places we might make some changes?

What are you here to do? What has the Lord saved you for? What were you created to do? What do you dream about doing with your life to bring glory to God the Father and joy to your soul? Are these things on the calendar? What would it take to make room for them? Not just putting more on the schedule, but taking some things off it? If you just keep putting toys in the pool eventually there is no room to swim. So what would it look like to have adequate time during your week to pursue life giving, soul satisfying, people engaging, gift using, God glorifying things? Lets make it even simpler. What ONE thing could you accomplish for the kingdom that God has put in your heart if you were intentional with your schedule this month?

You’d be surprised what God can do through deliberate lives, lived with patience and purpose. You’d also be amazed at what it would do for your soul. Remember its not just about what we can accomplish this week, its what we could achieve in our lifetime that will make the greatest impact.

To be continued….


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