As part of an ongoing series through the year called “WHY?” in which we examine common, yet often overlooked questions about Christianity and church practices, we looked recently at the question “Why do Christians tithe?”

As something all Christians are supposed to do, and something most every church practices weekly we wanted to help equip the body to be biblically generous. This series of short posts are taken from Mystery’s FAQ on tithing. You can access even more resources on the subject through our web sites “giving” page as well.


Can I get a tax deduction for tithing?

Yes. If you give in a way that we can record (i.e. check, online or cash in a marked envelope) then our church bookkeeper will keep accurate totals of your giving and send you a receipt at the beginning of the year, certifying the amount of your total contributions which are tax deductible for the previous calendar year.

Does Mystery Give?

When you give to Mystery your financial gifts go toward the many and ministries and missions of our church.

You are not simply giving, you are taking an active role in furthering Gods kingdom in our city and around the world.

Examples of How Your Generosity Contributes to the gospel work of Mystery in Joplin:

• Your offering contributes to the day to day operations and ministry of a church called Mystery.

• It contributes to varied local missional efforts like West Central Elem., Bright Futures and Third Thursdays.

• It helps resource and plant churches in our region and around the United States. Our church gives 10 percent of its income to fund the planting of other churches around the world. This church planting is done through the Acts 29 Network. For more information please go to:

• It goes toward Restore Brazil, where we are helping train pastors and plant churches in Brazil

• Giving goes toward the purchase of our facility for the use of our church and the good of our city

Additionally we give money throughout the year for various causes and needs in our city and around the country.

How can I tithe at Mystery?

At Mystery there are a variety of different ways that a person can tithe. None is better than the other, it is simply a matter of individual conscience or preference. Those methods are:

• Cash or Check During the Sunday Services – either in the giving boxes as you come forward for communion or through the baskets passed during the service. If you give regularly in cash we ask members to put the money in an envelope with your name and address written on it so that we can help you track your giving and send you a donation letter for your taxes at the end of the year.

• Check Mailed to the Offices – Mystery Church 514 S Main St. Joplin Mo 64801 –Please do not mail cash.

• By Debit or Credit Card Online through The City, our church community web site. This is free to sign up for and easy to use. You can give one time or set up regular monthly deductions for your convenience. You can even keep track of you giving progress throughout the year. This is a great tool, especially if you want help keeping consistent.

* Obviously we don’t want people going into debt to tith,e but we do allow credit card/debit card payments and ask that you do not tithe in this fashion if you do not plan to pay off your balance each month.

Does Mystery have controls for ensuring my contributions are handled safely?

Yes. At every step of incoming and outgoing monies, we have different Elders and Deacons who oversee the process. We do not count money unless at least two people are present. All counters are members in good standing. In addition, we have different people that fill the following roles; counting money, checking, depositing money, verifying deposit receipts, signing checks and reconciling account statements. This allows us to be completely above reproach protecting the church and you from potential accusation or fraud.

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