The Grace of God has Appeared – Titus 2:11

Yesterday I preached from Titus 2 a message entitled “A Prescription for Change” from our Healthy Church series. In this text Paul gives us the meaning and method of gospel transformation.

The gospel is the Good News of Gods saving grace for sinners through the person and work of Jesus. Additionally the gospel is the Power of God to save and Power through which he sanctifies us into Christ-likeness. The gospel is the fulcrum of our faith in Christ. If we do not “get the gospel” and learn to apply it to each and every area of our life we will find ourselves stunted in spiritual maturity and struggling to live the Christian life fruitfully and joyfully.

I’d encourage to you download and listen to the message again. Not so I can feel better about myself, but because I know it’s a lot to take in in one sitting and it’s a message we all need to think through repeatedly. I believe God has a tremendous amount of freedom and joy for us as we discover and live in the depths of the gospel.

Additionally I’ve compiled a list of recommended reading to help us grow in our gospel understanding and application. For the most part they are simple and short reads. You could use them to lead your devotion times with Jesus or maybe pick up an extra copy and invite a friend to read with you. These resources make for great study and discussion starters as you disciple others. However you use them, let me simply suggest you do. Knowing the gospel and having it sick into our hearts and minds is the best thing you could for your soul, your family and your friends. You being more in love with Jesus will reap great rewards in your own life and the lives of others.

I’d love to hear from you in how you are growing in gospel understanding and how it’s bearing fruit in your life.

Gospel Centered Resources


What is the Gospel by Greg Gilbert


The Cross Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney


Note to Self by Joe Thorn


A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent


The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness


Redemption by Mike Wilkerson

* All of these titles are available at the book wall of Mystery Church for Amazon’s price


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