Christmas is only a week away now. As the season of Advent began I found myself eagerly anticipating the arrival of Jesus and had an excitement for Christmas I’d not experienced the last several seasons. As days rolled on and the busyness of the holidays got going I’ve increasingly noticed the excitement lessening. An overall weight and the worries of the world have been heavy upon my heart.

This feeling led me to a little more self analysis (something I think we all need to do more often). One of the things that I believe the Spirit laid on me is an awareness of an increased involvement in soul distracting diversions and a big one for me has been social media. I’m not a prolific writer or blogger (as you may have noticed) but for me social media has been a way to communicate thoughts, prayers, insights and share life in general with a broad range of folks, friends around the world and in particular the people of the church I love and am privileged to pastor.

I’ve found myself thinking a little too much about it over the past month. Contemplating what to say and when to say it. Reading really good posts from friends and co-laborers in the gospel and just generally finding myself being overly satisfied by thoughts about Jesus rather than Jesus himself. So in an effort to spend at least the final week of Advent pursuing Christ I’m taking a break from social media and will be turning my attention to my Savior and friend trying to feed my soul on my beloved when I get the urge to micro blog.

I’m broken and needy and I know it. I easily medicate my needs with things other than Jesus and find myself left wanting in the end. Maybe you can relate. I’m not looking to this as a cure all and certainly not prescribing it for everyone, but I wanted to explain my actions in hopes that it might perhaps make others think through their distractions. I just want more Jesus and the excitement he brings when I spend time engaging him. I’d love that for everyone actually. That’s my Christmas prayer I guess. More Jesus for us all.

I’d love your prayers during this time. I know I’ll be getting the shakes over the next couple days and it’s always good to have that extra support during times like these. I will continue praying for you as well and hope to spend more time doing so.

Well that’s all. Thanks for listening. Merry Christmas. See ya when I see you. Enjoy.




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