I have had a few requests regarding the spoken word reading from our Christmas Eve service. Not sure if it will be the same reading through it as it is listening to it, but I enjoyed writing it and hope maybe it’s a blessing to you as well as we finish up another year.

We Are Waiting

In the beginning there was God

God and an empty abyss of nothing

A formless earth and a deep deep darkness

All teaming with Anticipation


An excitement among the Angles

A great eagerness in the heart of God

To express his creativity

To image his character

And to impart his affection


And There Was Waiting…

And into the Silence God spoke

Assembling the universe to declare his glory

Establishing the earth to disclose his story

Crafting humanity to display his likeness

Commencing a relationship to distribute his love


But Expectancy twisted into Anger

Certainty dissolved into doubt

Friendship fractured into Fear

And devotion became Rejection


The clay turned violently upon the potter

A self-centered, Satan lead sedition stormed the decks of sovereignty

Darkness assaulted the light

Death arrived with despair on its arm

Adam and Eve where banished from the garden…evicted from paradise

Separated from goodness and life, never however abandoned by Love


And They Waited…

Humanity was swallowed up by sin

Cain killed Abel and the blood cried evil wins!

Noah in faith built an ark to escape God’s grieving flood of grace

Men erected a tower to themselves and the Lord promptly knocked it down like so many cardboard blocks

For there will never be a ladder long enough to climb into Gods kingdom

And the Lord in love will not permit his enemy to enter in, for surely we would die


And so They Waited…

Abram was called to faith and assured the fatherhood of a nation

Isaac born of promise was lead as sacrifice to a mountain

But God the Father intervened yet again and in mercy he made a way

And substituted a lamb that day providing a path only he could blaze


Esau exchanged his inheritance in a moment of impatience

His brother Jacob schemed his way into approval at the expense of his reputation

He would labor long for love, experiencing rejection and a dose of his own deception

Jacob wrestled with the Lord demanding benefit and blessing


Joseph dreamt dreams that enraged his Family

Who hurled him into a hole in a fit of Jealousy

Sold into slavery, innocent yet imprisoned as an Enemy

Freed by Pharaoh and gifted by God He rose in power saving many from famine and fatality

In time he’d face his family of foes and given opportunity for punishment brought peace


Jacob become Israel, Egypt Enslaving Gods chosen nation

Moses was born to slaughter rescued by the Father to bring salvation

Pharaoh was punished by plague

Israel Rescued through Water

Fed with Bread from heaven and led by a pillar of smoke and flame

They wondered in the wilderness as a testimony to Gods great great Name


And They Waited…

Joshua would assume command following Moses passing

Leading with great courage into the land they’d be possessing

Walls and cities fell… the sun itself stood still

The Jordan was crossed, kings were crushed and the covenant again renewed

Promises were fulfilled, Inheritance dispersed and the people of God scattered to serve the Lord


Samuel heard Gods call, Saul chosen as King did fall

David then anointed though the smallest of them all

A shepherd turned giant slayer, Warrior, Poet, Fugitive and Friend

Murderer and Adulterer yet a man after Gods own heart in the end?

David, the one through whose linage Israel’s messiah was to come

Their conquering King, their suffering servant by which all evil be undone


And Yet They Waited…

Through Judges and Kings

Through Priests and Prophets

Through War and Peace

Through Exile and Slavery

Through Prosperity and Poverty

Through Blessing and Curse

Through Faithfulness and Rebellion


They Waited…

Through 400 years of defining Silence

No Word

No Peace

No Rescue

No Rest

No Light


They desperately, dutifully, wearily waited…

Until that Night…When the time had fully Come

When the pieces were all in place

When people least expected

While powers lie unaware



As Predicted



Light into Dark

Hope into Despair

Love into Hate

Riches into poverty

Royalty into obscurity

Heaven into Earth

Word into Flesh




Perfection into Imperfection

Strength into weakness

Peace into Chaos

Mercy into Misery

Sovereignty into Servitude

Everything into Nothing


A BABY…Born into a Cradle… Bound for a Bloody Cross…

         He Came…Immanuel…GOD WITH US

Joy into Sorrow

Savior into Sacrifice

Life into Death

Glory into a Grave

Seed sown into Ground


And They Waited…

For Three whole days, Overcome with grief and Unaware of Hope…They Waited



When people least expected

While powers lie unaware



As Predicted



Murder turned Mercy

Defeat into Victory

Enemies into Friends

Slavery into Freedom

Blindness into Sight

Grief into Gladness

Sorrow into Rejoicing

Mourning into Dancing

Death became Life



For Salvation

For Assurance

For Glory


And as unassumingly as he has Arrived & as unexpectedly as he Had Risen…HE RETURNED

Ascending into Heaven, Returning to His Throne, the Son of God went Home

To Inaugurate His Kingdom,

To Authenticate His Reign

To Ready a Place for his People

To Prepare for His Return


And So We now find ourselves Waiting…Wanting, Anticipating, Expecting…

Through Holidays and Hopes

Through Desperation and Despair

Through Brokenness and Pain

Through Abuse and Neglect

Through Addiction and Persecution

Through Rejection and Separation

Through Sickness and Disease

Through Fears and Frailty

Through Rulers and Regimes

Through Tornados and Hurricanes

Through Shootings and Sufferings

Through Sadness and Through Loss


We Are Waiting…


For Trumpets to Sound

For Evil to be Undone

For Pain to Be Put Away

For Sin to be Swallowed Up

For Death to be no More

For the Dead to be Raised

For Bodies to be Redeemed

For Creations Freedom from the Curse

For Faith and Hope to be Satisfied

For Justice to be Done

For Tears to be Wiped away

For Bridegroom to Arrive

For Glory to be Revealed

For Crowns to be Dispersed and then Cast Down

For All Things to be Made New

Our Thirsty Souls Drinking from Water of Life

For God to walk with us Once More

For His Kingdom to Come and His Will to be Done On Earth as it is in Heaven


We Are Waiting…

In Silence

In Service

In Song

In Prayer

In Praise

And With A Promise

HE HAS COME                  HE IS HERE                  HE WILL COME AGAIN

We Are Waiting…


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