Loving Jesus by Being in the Word Pt 1

Last week at Mystery we started our Mid Week gathering. Over the semester we will be walking through our mission as a church, learning what it means to Love Jesus, Live in Community and Make Disciples.

In the first of four parts on Loving Jesus we started last Wednesday with Loving Jesus by Being in his Word.

There is a loss of biblical literacy and a love for scripture among evangelical Christians in America. This has resulted in everything from insecure and joyless Followers to wacky and empty religion. The bible today has been boiled down to just another collection of words and information and more many there has been a loss of reverence, wonder and excitement for God’s Word.

To help us get a larger view of scripture and hopefully gain a greater appreciation of the scope of what the bible is, we walked through the bible slowly threading together texts to give us a sense of the significance of the bible to us as Christians seeking to Love Jesus. It’s important to remember that historically, Christ’s church was born from and build upon the hearing, believing and obeying of God’s Word.

In Scripture we encounter God as he has revealed himself to us. In reading the experience the gospel and meet Jesus. In coming face to face with Christ we come to behold and believe in Jesus. Through scripture the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, changes hearts and conforms us to Christ. Gods Word is powerful and it is central to the lives of those who want to be with and become like Jesus. To love Jesus is to love his word.

The following is a list of many of the main verses we walked through together. I’d encourage you to look up and read through them again. Meditate on them, share them with friends and family. Allow them guide your thoughts and prayers this week in anticipation of God stirring in you a greater love for the bible.

John 8:25                  God is True

Proverbs 30:5            Scripture is Gods Truth

1 Timothy 3:16-17     The Bible is Gods Word On Paper

Gen 1:1                      The Bible is Gods Word about Himself

John 1:1                     Jesus is Gods Word In Flesh

John 1:14                   Jesus is Truth Personified

John 14:6                    Jesus is Truth

1 John 5:20                Jesus declares Truth about the Father

John 16:13                  God the Holy Spirit is Truth

John 16:14                  Spirit declares Truth about Son

2 Pet 1:20-21              God the Holy Spirit gave Scripture

Luke 24:27                  Scripture Points us to Jesus

Col 1:3-6                     Word of God is the Gospel

Romans 1:16               The Gospel is Power of God for Salvation

1 Cor 1:18                    The Gospel is the Power of God for Transformation

Col 3:16                        The Word of God leads to the Worship of God

John 15:11                    The Word leads us to Jesus because he is where we find our Joy

1 John 4:9                     In Jesus we see the Love of God Leading to love him in Response

Deut 8:11                      To Neglect the Word is to Walk Away from God’s Truth

Exodus 23:13                Neglecting God’s Truth leads us to worship other gods (idols)

Ps 16:4                          To worship another god than Jesus is loose our Joy

Joshua 1:8                     Gods is in pursuit of your good and joy in him

Heb 1:3                          Jesus is the radiance of Gods Glory

2 Cor 3:18                      God’s Glory revealed Transforms us

Rom 8:29                        When we Conform to the Word we are Conforming to Christ

John 14:15                      We Express Love for Jesus by conforming our beliefs & behavior to his Word

My hope an prayer is that we would engage Gods word and experience his power, growing in his grace and gaining a greater relationship with Jesus.


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