Last night at our mid-week church gathering we talked about the reason we pray along with some practical things to consider in learning to pray. I’ll unpack these more next week, but wanted to get some bullet points up for those who were asking.

I’m also including a link to Martin Luther’s letter to his barber (as I mentioned) on praying and a link to a fellow pastor’s recent post on learning and using the Lectio Devina method we talked about and practiced a little last night. Enjoy.

Learning to Pray Some Practical Tips:

– Prepare to Pray with Silence & Stillness

Practice Listening more and speaking less      

– Find your Time

– Find your Place

– Find and Use a Guide

     Suggestions to for guides to your prayers

– Start with a devotional of a short Reading of Book

– Pray Scripture

– Use Formal prayers

– Use Others Prayers: Valley of Vision, Devotionals, Scotty Smith

– Use The Creeds

– Use Theology

– Use Music

– Write your prayers

– Wandering Prayers

– Silent Prayers: Attending and Aware (Creation)

– Simple Prayers

– Pinpoint Prayers

– Pondering Prayers

– See all of Life as Prayer

– Be Ready

– Be Realistic

– Be Regular

– Be Creative

– Be Yourself

– Give Yourself Grace

Prayer is Being in Love

Martin Luther’s Letter to His Barber on How to Pray – A Simple Way to Pray

Pastor Bob Thune’s Post on Learning to Pray the Lectio Devina


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