Yesterday at Mystery we continued our series Redeeming Marriage. I spoke on the second of three tools God gives us in marriage, LOVE. The gift of love, born out of God’s love for us in Jesus, helps us fulfill the goals he has for us in marriage; namely Reflecting God and the Gospel and Refining our Character in Christ.

Paul, in the book of Ephesians, chapter 5, calls Christians in marriage to extend the kind of love toward one another that Jesus extends to us on the cross. In my message I gave a list (all starting with “C” cause I’m a preacher) of the characteristics of a “cruciformed” (shaped by the cross) kind of love. Our homework for this week was to find some time with our spouses to talk through the list.

Ask one another how you are doing at loving them, inviting honest assessment, receiving it in humility and gratitude. Share the 1-2 types of love you long for and most need from the list and help your husband or wife understand what that does and does not look like to you. Be kind, be patient and be prayerful. The goal is to get us on the same page and help us learn to communicate and care for one another with the kind of love appropriate to our specific spouse.

Here is the List:

 Attributes of Christ-Like Love in Marriage  

  • Cleansing Love              Healing, Affirming, Purifying

• Cultivating Love             Encourages, Strengthens, Supplies

• Cherishing Love            Treasures, Honors, Adores

  • Cleaving Love               Prioritized, Unifying, Faithful, Intimate

• Converting Love           Changes you to be like Jesus, we change to benefit our spouse

• Committed Love           Commitment to love through storms and not just the sunshine

  • Choosing Love             Deliberate, Decisive, Determined

• Costly Love                  Sacrificial, Serving, Selfless

You can Listen to and share the full message as well as the rest of the series online here.


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