Come behold the works of the Lord. Psalm 46:8a

LORD, the last few weeks have been for me the busiest in long time. It’s been a long time since  my schedule has been this full and the demands been so great. My works have been many, but none of my works have been as splendid, or successful as yours.

Father, my works often consume me and cause me a lot of distress. Your works are meant to compel me to worship and lead me to rest. Your power is beyond mine; able to do more than I could ever imagine, yet I still try to live out of my own. The pursuit of exalting myself, which is what I’m really doing when I schedule more than I can handle, only leads to anxiousness as well as physical and spiritual exhaustion. There is nothing I can do apart from you that will produce any eternal results (John 15:4). Your work and your power alone converts a sinner, conquers death, constructs a church and changes a city. I repent of trying to go it on my own and worse for trying to replace your work with my works. Working for your glory can be difficult and even demanding, but it is by nature not meant to wear out my soul. No, the heart draining emptiness is the result of my idol of busyness and effectiveness.

Thank you Father for the reminder this morning along with the refreshment of knowing not just the conviction of my sin, but the grace you have provided through your Son. He was the one who accomplished perfectly all you gave him to do, not me (John17:4). My job is to abide in him if I am to be effective in the mission and in my calling. It was Jesus who finished the work of saving me from sin, making a way to be with you and dressing my depravity in his righteousness. (John 19:30). My occupation is to be occupied first with you. It’s not to work harder, but believe better. My success doesn’t come in my accomplishments, but in his. Jesus you called me to pick up and carry my cross, but you did not tell me to trust in it to save me. You died on the cross to keep me from continually condemning and crucifying myself. What great news Father, that Jesus’ work is credited as my own. That you look at his finished work and resume, accepting it as mine! What great news…what comforting, soul settling, rest-giving news.

Holy Spirit, thank you for pointing the eyes of my heart back to Calvary today. Thank you for leading me to still my heart in the presence of the heart that was stilled to make mine beat and come alive. Lord, calm my restless soul with the gospel, continue to comfort me with the cross, and Spirit lead me to delight in the finished work of Christ. Father, I also pray for my friends who are also addicted to performance, and find themselves slaves to accomplishment and the pursuit of acceptance. I ask that you would give their souls rest today as well. Some of them through saving grace and faith in Jesus for the first time; others through your Spirit lovingly reminding them today of who they already are in Christ, because of his work and not their own.

Slow and set my pace this week to a cross declaring cadence, that I might run with you the race you have laid out for me with a joy in my heart and enjoyment of your graces in my life. Amen.



  1. Thank you for writing this Steev. You put many things I feel and struggle with into a beautiful prayer. I appreciate the encouragement God has provided through you today 🙂

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