I’m always amazed by the bible and it’s ability to bring fresh insight to the familiar. I’ve read John a lot in my life. I’ve understood and appreciated it even more since God saved me, but somehow when I sit down and start studying to preach through a book of the bible (my preferred way) the Spirit nearly always reveals new truths. The best, and often the hardest are those that cut directly to my heart and identity; those that bring conviction and hopefully transformation in myself as I spend time in reflection and prayer hoping to see others lives transformed as well.

I started teaching through the Gospel According to John this past September. We spent the whole month in the first chapter and some of the things that stuck out to me the most where practical implications of Jesus’ incarnation; how it instructs the way I am to live out my life for him as a Follower.

I’ve often found in myself in awe of John’s prologue (1:1-18). How God became one of us to save us. The mystery and the majesty of it all has filled my heart and mind with amazement, but there are truths that re-convicted me over the last several weeks, especially as I looked at Jesus becoming a man and it’s impact on John the Baptizer’s personal mission, that are highly practical when it comes to a daily gospel witness in life.

John’s gospel teaches us that John the B’s life was given fully as a witness and testimony to Jesus Christ. His years on this earth were spent living as a gospel mirror reflecting the gospel’s light (1:7-8). As we strive to follow after Jesus as his disciples, we can learn from John’s example to live the implications of Jesus incarnation. I wont go into any length with these. It’s merely an observational list; something to get us thinking, praying and hopefully implementing into our own lives.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us… – John 1:14a

Learning to Reflect the Gospel Light with our Daily Lives

 1. If we want to reach people with the gospel we need to be with people.

2. If we want to lastingly impact the places and the people in our lives, its best to live humbly, putting others ahead of ourselves.

3. If we want people to meet Jesus we need to bear witness to Jesus with our words. Good deeds show, but Good News is spoken.

4. If we want to walk in the light and the fullness of the gospel we must learn to live from our Identity in Christ, not for it.

5. If we want to stop living in the dark and start enjoying the love & goodness God we need to and surrender fully to Jesus.


Follow Me – Jesus


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