“I know there’s got to be more to following Jesus. I just want to know more of him.” How often have you had those thoughts? Good news, we’re in good company. I think the Apostle Paul was expressing some of the same feelings when he said he’d give up everything else just to “know him and the power of his resurrection.”

Jesus said he came that we might have life and that it would be full. It’s a gospel promise. To follow Jesus is to find fullness of life. So how come it often feels like I’m experiencing less? How can we move from the purgatory in which we find ourselves – desiring more, yet encountering less of Christ?

With this in mind, here are three steps we can take to assist us in experiencing more of Jesus power, provision and presence in our life:


Yeah, I know it sounds like a cop-out. “Just pray”. But let me ask you a question. When you pray, are you asking for more from Jesus or for more of Jesus? There’s a big difference. If you want to see your prayer life changed, make it most about knowing him. Spend a week filling your prayers with thoughts of Jesus, pondering his saving work and loving kindness. Give thanks for things already received. When our minds are filled with Jesus, our hearts, in prayer, will cry out for more of Christ.


If you want God to fill your life, it will precluded emptying of the one you have. You can’t put more in full hands. God speaks a sobering lesson to the prophet in Ezekiel 14. He says he’ll answer his peoples requests according to the idols in their hearts. Translation, if we come to God clinging to other gods we wont get more of God, but less. If we want to receive more of him, we have to release whatever has filled his place in our hearts and hands.


God loves us too much to equip us for a journey that leads us further away from him. If we are asking Jesus to bless us in the midst of disobedience we are praying up the wrong tree. Scripture is pretty clear that God equips for his works. Jesus promised to be with us in the midst of his work. If you and I want to know more of Him, and grow in our experience of him, it’s best to be where he is; doing what it is he does. Jesus was all about the Fathers glory and subsequently we read in Hebrews he radiated it himself.

The truth of the matter is that we ask, open and obey to the extent we believe that Jesus is better than all else, and that what he offers is best for us.

What do you need to lay down? What do you need to take up? Why not ask him to reveal that to you this week? Then in repentance and returning pursue him, expecting to experience all he has promised of himself for you.



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