Well, it’s fall already according to the school and church calendar. Not sure if the leaves are falling from my trees because of the intense heat or they know the times are changing. All I know is that around this time my leaves starting falling off under the winds of busyness as well. It always sneaks up on me no matter what. Trying to stay ahead of things is hard enough, but add in the busyness that accompanies the start of a new semester and season in the church and things just get downright nuts.

With so much going on I often find myself falling behind in “non-essential” things like blogging. I genuinely want to become a better writer and serve our church and others through it, but it does seem to be one of those things I push to the side when it gets busy. Sometimes it’s just forgetfulness, other times I simple have little to say (what me, speechless? Yes) but right now there’s just lots going on.

Fortunately many others have good stuff to say. In an effort to continue to keep helpful, relevant ideas on our radar, I’ve compiled a short list of links to a few quick reads this week. Hope you find them challenging and beneficial, I know I have.

Simplifying Your Spiritual Life

A Gospeled Church

Preventing Pastoral Car Wrecks

Because the World is Watching – Being a Church near Ferguson, Mo



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